Sunday, December 29, 2019

My Family s Heritage By Lev Vygotsky - 1796 Words

Who Am I In order to truly understand the culture and various lifestyles that envelop American society today, one must learn to appreciate and understand their own cultural heritage. Lev Vygotsky, a psychologist in the early 1900’s, simply put it, â€Å"Language and culture are the frameworks through which humans experience, communicate, and understand reality.† Therefore, culture determines more than merely our origin or family; culture shapes the structure of our lives, and greatly impacts our future perspective of the world. As I began to explore my family’s history and lineage, I developed a sense of pride as I was exposed to the endeavors my great-grandparent’s underwent. Whether it was struggling to enter a completely different culture,†¦show more content†¦The predominately African American Detroit forced Jason and Kathleen to dive into a different culture, including the NFL culture. While Kathleen became involved in the Detroit Lions Wive’s group, Jason was forced to assimilate into the â€Å"locker room† culture. As a result of their observation of NFL player’s shallow lifestyles, the newly-wed couple was encouraged to be responsible with their money. Kathleen reminds others, â€Å"One of the things that was very evident in the NFL, is that money and success do not make you ultimately happy.† As the NFL enveloped their lives, they continued to evade the materialistic lifestyle. Jason continued to play for twenty one years until he retired in 2012. While Kathleen spent time volunteering at CareNet Pregnancy Center and gaining her biblical counseling certification, Jason began to speak at organizations and arrange private kicking lessons. While this couple shaped who I am, two alternative couples shaped who they were; my grandparents. Beginning with my mother’s side, my grandma, Sharon McCloskey, was born in Stanford, Montana in 1939. Her parents and sister dwelled in Texas and California, l iving half the year in each state in order to satisfy each parent’s wishes. As Sharon matured, she soon discovered her passion laid in music; thus, Sharon attended Westmont College in California in the fall of 1957 in part to a vocal scholarship.Show MoreRelatedBronfenbrenner s Ecological Systems Theory Essay1964 Words   |  8 PagesUrie Bronfenbrenner as with many other contextual perspective theorists’ views families as structures of relating individuals. This can be explained by how both the parents and children play a part in influencing the other. Bronfenbrenner takes the proposed general theories a step further by adding two very important factors. These two factors are genes (Bio) and the environment (Ecology) in which the child develops in. The two factors as mentioned previously are the foundation of Bronfenbrenner’sRead MoreReal Self How Others See Me Ideal Self3515 Words   |  15 Pagesgirls after a certain age and started losing friends around 16 . Well I realized my friends were around me because they liked my company. When I fell into a deep depression after coming to terms with the world, some didn t want to be around me anymore because it made them feel bad too. The best advice I had which I read online was pay attention to what people do instead of what they say. This dramatically improved my life. I noticed girls’ eyes lighting up when they mentioned topics and they wouldRead MoreFactors Affecting Motivation to Learn English25117 Words   |  101 Pagesthat although parents and close significant others do have influence on the respondents’ attitude and perception towards the English language, their English proficiency grades were not influenced by them. In conclusion, socializing factors such as family members and significant others are not significant contributors to English proficiency in Chinese students in Johor Bahru but they do contribute to the positive attitude and perception towards English that many of the respondents have. iii

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